Our Vision

“Leading people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land of freedom.” (Lev. 26:13)

Our Mission

“We exist as a missional community devoted to growing disciples of Jesus, who are confident of their true identity in Christ and are agents of Hope in Fairfield, Alabama and beyond.”

  • A Missional Community…

Committed to gathering regularly to worship, study the scriptures, pray, fellowship, break bread, and encourage one another in the hope of Jesus Christ, in order to stir one another up in love and good works and to disperse back into the world as bearers of hope where we live, work, and play. (Acts 2:42-47, Heb. 10:23-25, Jn. 17:15-19)

  • Devoted to Growing Disciples of Jesus…

Committed to living and investing in urban communities that suffer from spiritual, social, and economic neglect; faithfully preaching, teaching and demonstrating the whole counsel of God and the gospel of his kingdom come. (Matt 28:18-20, Jer 29:4-7)

  • Who Are Confident in Their True Identity in Christ…

Committed to seeing Christ, by his Spirit, renew our personhood as true image-bearers of God (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially). In doing so, also trusting him to remove all racial and socioeconomic symptoms of inferiority and superiority in order to reflect an authentic community of unity in diversity. (2 Cor. 5:17, Rom. 12:2, Eph. 3:10, Jas. 2:1, Rev. 5:9-10, Jn. 17:)

  • Are Agents of Hope…

Committed to proclaiming and demonstrating the good news of Jesus Christ and his kingdom of hope, present and eternal. We are committing to prayer and creating tangible opportunities of hope through biblical preaching, good works, and by wisely stewarding our resources within our church body and partnerships. (1 Pt. 3:15, Jn. 4:1-42, Matt. 5:13-16, Lev. 25:35-38, Rom. 12:9-13)

  • In Fairfield, Alabama and Beyond...

Committed to praying for, raising up, and sending out leaders to plant more churches in communities similar to Fairfield that are suffering from high crime, broken family units, failing educational systems and marred self-image; all resulting in hopelessness. (Matt. 9:35-38, Gen. 1:28, 2 Tim. 2:2, Rom. 10:14-15)

Our Values

- We believe in building strong families through the “Blueprint of God”

Before there was a church, a school, a business, etc., God ordained a covenantal marital relationship between Adam and Eve as the core foundation of the family unit. Strong communities are built on strong families and strong families are built on strong marriages. We call this the “blueprint of God”. In today’s urban communities like Fairfield, families are facing huge challenges such as poverty, high crime, lack of opportunity and hopelessness. We believe that the answer to many of these challenges can be found in the restoration of God’s blueprint of marriage and family. We are a church for all people, but we particularly pursue young men between the ages of 18-35 because we believe young men are the most neglected demographic of urban communities like Fairfield. We believe that if these young men become disciples of Christ and servant-leaders in the covenant of marriage, then families will be restored for the good of the community and for the glory of God.

- We believe in the pursuit of authentic and cross-cultural relationships through the “Manifold Wisdom of God”

We strive to be a church that reflects the “manifold wisdom of God” in all its beauty, which is displayed through authentic relationships of unity in diversity. We strive to do this by securely living out of our true identity in Christ and authentically building relationships across all ethnic and socioeconomic lines. A deep understanding of our vertical reconciliation with God, through Christ, motivates and propels us towards horizontal reconciliation with all of our fellow neighbors despite our differences in race, class, and social status.

- We believe in discovering, developing and utilizing our gifts to represent the “Zoe Life”

The “Zoe Life” is life abundant in Jesus Christ; it is the life that God intended for human flourishing. We believe that God has given every person innate gifts, talents, and abilities that are to be utilized for the building and advancing of the kingdom of God through the local church. Living in these gifts brings purpose to life. However, in depressed urban communities like Fairfield many of these gifts are lying latent, undiscovered, undeveloped, and underutilized. We believe that part of preaching the Gospel and restoring people’s dignity as image-bearers of God is helping them to discover, develop, and utilize these gifts for their good and God’s glory.

-We believe in the pursuit of biblical Christ-centered justice by “remembering the poor”

We believe God has given a responsibility to the Church to “remember the poor” and advocate on behalf of the widow, the orphan, and the immigrant. Often those with means and mobility, through flight or fright, have abandoned the poor in depressed urban communities. We believe that those who have experienced the grace of God should also extend that same grace, by tangible means of justice and mercy, to those in need.